Sourcery Analyzer by Mentor Embedded

Sourcery Analyzer for ARM is a powerful embedded design analysis solution that combines data visualization capabilities with a unique performance analysis engine. Unlock new insights and efficiently design today’s complex embedded systems that integrate data from multiple operating systems.

  • Visualize and debug hard to uncover bugs with dynamic system analysis views
  • Built-in analysis of LTTng 0.x and 2.0 Linux kernel trace events
  • Perform advanced computation via built-in Measurement tool and Waveform Calculator
  • Debug synthesized data in a time correlated view
  • Collect trace data from multiple sources and formats, including LTTng’s standard CTF format
  • Efficiently handle multi-gigabyte datasets
  • Develop custom Java-based application specific analysis agent plug-ins
  • Professional training program available for deployment and customization
  • Support for Mentor Embedded Linux, other Linux, Nucleus, other RTOS, and bare metal.

More information on Sourcery Analyzer can be found here:  Mentor Embedded Sourcery Analyzer