Automotive Technology Platform (ATP) by Mentor Embedded

Automotive Infotainment
Deliver differentiated automotive infotainment systems with the GENIVI compliant solution from Mentor Embedded and MontaVista Automotive with the Mentor Embedded Automotive Technology Platform.  Focus on value added feature development by reducing your integration effort when you take advantage of the Linux based technology platform, software and services from Mentor Embedded.


  • A GENIVI compliant Linux platform that provides the foundation for IVI software development including, graphics, communications, multimedia, audio, speech, positioning, networking and security.
  • The ability to deliver rich HMIs and user interfaces with multiple technologies including Inflexion UI, HTML 5 and Qt
  • Optimized BSPs and drivers for IVI hardware platforms
  • Integration of Linux and Android in IVI systems
  • A customizable Yocto Project compatible Linux platform perfect for automotive infotainment with Mentor Embedded Linux
  • Sourcery CodeBench and Sourcery Analyzer development, debugging, and analysis tools to deliver high performance and optimized embedded systems
  • Professional services for system design, planning, building, deploying and managing your embedded automotive infotainment system throughout its lifecycle